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Overview Door Holders and Door Stops
Clamping, Hook, Push and Magnetic Doorholders
Door Holders Clamping Type
Hands Free Operation
Hook Type Door Holders
Positive Locking
Push Type Door Holders
Foot Operated
Door Stays
Limits degree of opening
Magnetic Door Holders
With neodymium Magnets up to 20 lbs. pulling force
Double Swinging Galley Door Hinges, spring loaded
Opens 180 degree, with stop at 90 degree
Door Stops with Buffer
Marine environment safe
Invisible Hinges (Soss Type hinges)
Corrosion Free Invisible Hinges All types of doors
Easy On Type Hinges
For cabinets doors and Bulwark Doors
Butt Hinges
All Sizes for cabinets and full size doors
Deck and Hatch Hinges
Flush Mounted and invisible mounted hinges
Lift Off Hinges
For Cabinet Doors and Full Size Doors.
Glass Door Hinges
In Brass and Stainless Steel for 3/8" or 1/2" thick glass
Door Pulls, Cabinet Pulls, Knobs
Stainless Steel, Brass, Swarovski Crystal
Cabinet Hinges
Brass and Stainless steel butt hinges
window stays
Marine window stays
flush bolts and flush pulls
edge pulls
Brass and Stainless steel
Flush Levers and latches
Interior and exterior grade flush hardware for swinging and pocket doors
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