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Marine Hardware for Mega yachts and Ocean Residences


• We sell wholesale hardware specializing in: 
   1. high-end door fittings
   2. window, hatch and deck fittings
   3. hardware that meets the highest requirements for corrosion
       resistance, functionality, endurance and beauty. 

• We work with interior designers, architects and builders to custom fit
  every fitting with the appropriate accessories.

• We work closely together with engineers to calculate solutions for
  gas springs (hatch lifts) and door closers. 

• We provide cabinet hardware systems for cabins, galleys and fishing

• We custom fit decorative trim sets (levers and escutcheons) with
  appropriate mechanisms for each application.

• Our staff can accommodate nearly every yacht builder’s hardware
   need regarding the doors, cabinets and hatches.

• Please call us and we will assist you with your hardware 

• We offer superior coating for decorative and functional hardware.
   See our section regarding custom finishes and learn about our
   limited life time warrantee on titanium hard coatings. 

• We encourage custom finish coating for complete sets of hardware
   per door including: locks, levers, hinges and screws. This allows for 
   fast and easy installation. 

• Besides these superior coatings we offer standard coatings such as
   chrome and nickel plating for all parts ordered from our company.

• We only coat parts purchased from Izerwaren Inc.

• We pack and ship to yacht builders all over
the world using the most convenient method
of shipping suitable to our customers. 

• For shipping within the USA, our customers
can benefit from our discounted rates with UPS.